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Murder House Consortium

A Few Bros Stealing Souls

Alright members this is our first official tournament and remember our ranking will be saved so give it your all! Since this is our first event go easy on us and cut us some slack we are new at this.


Quick Info


  1. Make sure your forum username matches your Destiny in game name. If it doesn't please change it flowing the instructions in our FAQ's page.
  2. Members have to be part of MHC or MHC: Padawans
  3. Go register to Challonge and please register with the same username as our site / game.
  4. Go sign up to our Tournament
  5. Wait for Tournament Date. Further instructions, your team members will be posted here.
A playlist will be made at the end of the tournament and will be linked to the tournament results! Upload them to YouTube and post your links on this thread. (In a spoiler tag if possible)

General Information

Every team must consist of one subclass each. Meaning your competitive matches will only have one 'Warlock Sunsinger'. Having two 'Warlocks' one 'Void Walker' and other 'Storm Caller' is completely acceptable.

If someone on a team disconnects, the team with the highest score may take the victory. If the team decides that they would rather redo the match, that is acceptable as well.

If someone is "red bar" you may immediately leave the team and ask the player(s) to restart their PS4/Router/Modem to have a smooth match.

NOTE: This must happen within reasonable amount of time. Meaning cant disconnect at the end because someone went "yellow bar". Screen shots or video footage will be required as proof. If you fail to do so your team will be automatically disqualified.
  • Heavy ammo is not to be used or picked up ever.
  • Year 2 Weapons ONLY!
  • You are not allowed to run off the map and suicide purposely.
  • You are not allowed to revive any player who has suicided.
Banned Subclass Perks
  • Back Stab AKA: Face stab!
Banned Armor
  • N/A
Banned Weapon
  • Pocket Infinity
  • Thorn
  • All Heavy Weapons (Wont pick up heavy ammo)
  • Wave: Pause the game, Cease fire.
  • Point: UnPause.
  • Sit: Peaking Corners.
  • Dance: Peaking Corners.
It is common to use 'wave' emote when one of your players is not ready, disconnects or is away. This means no one in the game should move until the entire team points, using the 'point' emote, which means to start back again. Sitting/Dancing don't have much meaning, other than being used to peek around corners in third person.

Win / Lose
Once the participants have battled each other a "reward screen capture" must be posted in this thread and an administrator will update the tournament stats. If a group / member isn't ready within a reasonable time period their team will be removed from the tournament so pick your group members wisely! If the member is a frequent reason why groups get disqualified he will be issued a forum warning and possibly a ban from other tournaments.
Hello everyone!

First, the MHC admins would like to say thank you for making this community a great place to make friends and share the passion we have for gaming. Without such a wonderful group of people, this feat would not have been possible!

Since the start of MHC we've grown from a small group of guys who like to slay people in the Crucible to a full blown 50+ member community that spans across multiple platforms and games. You guys rock and make us laugh every...
None – Arminius-D

  1. Last Resort, Glass Half Full, High Caliber Rounds/Fitted Stock/Smallbore
  2. Surrounded, Rangefinder, High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Smallbore
  3. Partial Refund, Glass Half Full, High Caliber Rounds/Hand Loaded/Smallbore

We still live in a world where Counterbalance is king, so you’ll want to wait out on this package until you see it. None of the rolls this week stand...

We’re hyped to brainstorm some ideas on how to get the most out of this new feature. Leave a comment if you have any other cool ideas for what to do within the

Map Exploration
This will be one of the first things I’ll be doing with my...

Item Class Subclass Strange Coin
Invective 17
Legacy Helm Engram 29
Helm of Saint-14 Titan Defender 13...
None – SUROS ARI-41

There are a few perks on each roll that are good. However, we just don’t see the synergy from all three perks on any of these rolls. Hopefully next week we’ll be able to address this gun’s low range while adding a reload booster for PvE or maybe Hidden Hand for PvP.

#3 – Judith-D

  • Crowd Control, Who’s Next?, Explosive Rounds/Reinforced Barrel

This roll isn’t amazing, but the gun is on sale again this...
Tentative, pending reports from the field...
Begins: Tuesday, June 28th, 10AM Pacific
Ends: Tuesday, July 5th, 2AM Pacific

The game type is Clash!

These rewards won’t make you an Iron Lord (that’s what Christopher Barrett told me at E3) but they will help you demonstrate your excitement to become one later on this Fall. Check out the loot that will drop for the brave.

Titan Armor
IB_Titan_Gear.jpg ...
Song: N/A - Need suggestions!
Video Thumbnail: N/A

  • Made it easy this time. Upload your clips to youtube. I installed a plugin that can download them directly from there, or upload them to mega.
  • Videos links must be posted on fb or on this thread ONLY!
How to upload to mega!

NOTE: Please don't upload a...
#3 – Zarinaea-D

  • Partial Refund, Feeding Frenzy, Speed Reload

This is a good PvE-oriented roll for running strikes with. The combination of reload and ammo boosts will have you firing tons of bullets at Minions of the Darkness. Feeding Frenzy and Partial Refund reward every kill, while Speed Reload is just a straight buff to your reload speed. If you want a PvP-centered roll, wait for Counterbalance and range buffs in a later week....
If you are part of the main MHC clan then get ready! MHC Scrimmage application are up and running. Anyone we meet can come to our home (Website) and request to scrim with us.

2016-06-21 22_04_17-Available Application Forms _ Murder House Consortium.png

2016-06-21 22_04_43-Available Application Forms _ Murder House Consortium.png

What are your thoughts?